Twizzler : No 45


The Twizzler is a unique twirling accessory made out of quality bright green polyamide. It allows children to spin many times on their own axis and is excellent for developing upper body strength.

This product is attached to a single swing point and is suitable to be put on the extension of our swing frames.

The Twizzler rope is fully adjustable to allow you to set it at the prefect height for your child.

The size is 335 x 80 x 78mm with a rope length approx 140cm.

We recommend one grass safety mat – under the twizzler to prevent ground erosion especially if they will be spinning round at top speed!

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Twizzler made out of quality polyamide

Poly-hemp rope

Galvanised steel rings at end of ropes to attach to swing points (swing points not included with swing seats)

Eights also made of galvanised steel.

Black rubber welds


Rope length approx 140cm

Twizzler size: 335 x 80 x 78mm

Optional Accessories