Toddler Swing Seat : No 11


This hard, durable green Toddler Swing Seat is suitable for children who can sit upright by themselves, are over 9 months old and up to the age of around three years of age (30kg).

The Toddler Swing Seat is only suitable for use with constant adult supervision and the child must be strapped in at all times. (straps are included)

This seat is for domestic use only.

The makers recommend that the child is not pushed too high as the seat may tip up. It has been designed for gently swinging only.

With super large leg holes for easy entry and exit, the seat allows toddlers to feel secure and the soft poly-hemp ropes won’t hurt their little hands.

This swing seat is suitable for all swing frames with double swing points but if you’re not too sure if it’s the right one for your swing frame just give us a call.

We recommend using Grass Safety Mats under our Toddler Swing Seat in order to prevent ground erosion and reduce the chance of injury should a child fall.

It is a good idea to make sure the Toddler Swing Seat is tied up well out of the way in heavy winds to prevent it from getting damaged against the legs of the swing frame.

Once the toddler has outgrown the Toddler Swing Seat and is ready to move onto the next stage, we recommend the Sling Swing Seat. This seat is popular with younger children who are just learning to swing on their own. The sling swing is made of soft rubber and we have found that if it swings against a child’s face it does not hurt as much as a wooden swing might do. Younger children enjoy swinging on the sling swing on their tummies and play independently rather than needing an adult to push them.

Why not buy more than one swing seat and interchange them when required? They are easy to remove and install.

We suggest our High Back Baby Seat or our Sling Swing Seat which are both suitable for the littler children who might be looking to have fun on the swing set.

Call us on 01577 840570 for more information about choosing the best swing seat for the age and ability of those who will be using them.







Seat: hard durable green plastic

polyhemp ropes

Zinc coated steel ring at end of ropes to attach to swing points (swing points not included with swing seats)

Zinc coated steel adjusting buckles


Size: 30 x 32 x 26cm

inside measurement side to side: 26cm

inside measurement front to back: 23cm

leg holes 9.5cm wide 18cm high

Weight: 1.0kg

Optional Accessories