Heavy Duty Wooden Tidy Sandpit with Cover : CP-WTS


This product  is our Heavy Duty Wooden Tidy Sandpit with Cover which is similar in concept to our standard Wooden Tidy Sandpit for the garden however, it has been modified and strengthened to withstand much heavier use making it suitable for schools, nurseries and commercial organisations to use.

A unique semi permeable plastic lining allows water to drain through it and the sand to dry out. This prevents water logging and puddles forming making the sand play experience more pleasant.

The lid folds back to form two good sized benches which the children can sit on as they play in the sand or they can just enjoy watching if they don’t wish to join in just yet.

The rain cover will preserve the timber for a more extended period and keep the product more clean in the winter time.

Optional extras can include security fixings, ground anchors and sand. Please ask about these.

This product is supplied ready-assembled.

For a fun and alternative sandpit product take a look at our Timber Boat which can be placed inside a large sandpit.

For any further information about delivery and installation costs and times please emailmailto:sales@caledoniaplay.com or phone our office on 01577 840570 and we will be happy to answer any questions.





timber sandpit

semi permeable plastic lining

stainless steel fixtures and fittings

PVC cover


length: 1.25m

width: 1.25m

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

Optional Accessories