Striding Timber Stilts : CP-TSD(C)


Our Striding Timber Stilts consist of a group of three upright posts of different heights set a small distance apart.

The timbers used are quarter sawn, pressure treated and impregnated with wax, providing a more repellent surface so reducing water absorption and delaying future rotting of the timber.

We also fit Postsaver sleeves at the ground line section of all timber posts that are extended into the ground. This will keep the cause of ground rot out and the preservative in, ensuring that the new piece of equipment will last for many years.

This product has little impact visually and blends in well into the countryside.

This product is listed per one stilt however we recommend a set of six.



1 x 14cm diameter quarter sawn timber height: 1.8m

2 x 18cm diameter timber stepping logs set at different heights: 400mm - 600mm


height of smaller posts: 400 - 600mm

height of long post: 1.8m

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

Optional Accessories