Special Needs Seat : SNS


Our Special Needs Seat is a full body support swing seat made of solid plastic, available in 3 sizes for child, teenager, or adult.

Supplied with body harness this product is specifically designed for use by those with restricted ability, or needing full body support.

Adult seat safety tested to 360kgs static weight.

The seats incorporate a pommel and a deluxe safety harness with snap buckles.

Our UV resistant Seats are moulded from high-density polyethylene, a strong but soft plastic.

The deluxe harness is comfortable and made from breathable fabric.

Other swing seats are available.

Our Special Needs Seat can be fitted to to any of our swing frames.

Have you seen our range of Family Basket Swings? It comes with a unique basket which is made with an internal galvanised steel ring herculean rope and stainless steel chains, is of commercial quality and conforms to European Safety Standard EN1176.

Also known as a Birds Nest Swing, Group Swing or Spiders Web Swing – the Basket Swing is extremely heavy and requires a 14cm diameter pole on the swing frame to be able to hold the weight.

The Basket Swing has proven very popular with children and young adults with additional support needs as the gently rocking motion is fun however it is also a very steady motion that can help the users feel a little more secure. Carers and parents can also join the child or young adult on the swing which adds to the fun and in some cases helps them to know that an adult is very close by.



high-density polyethylene seat

UV Resistant seat and ropes

deluxe harness as standard


Three sizes: Child, Teenage, Adult.

Optional Accessories