Outdoor Gym : CP-ODG


Our Outdoor Gym has been designed to offer a complete workout in the fresh air.

It is the ideal product for hotels to offer their guests, self catering accommodation, camp sites and all public play parks.

The standard product for commercial use includes – 3.0m long Monkey Bar Ladder, 2.2m high chin up bar (1.5m long), 1.5m chin up bar (1.5m long), 1 set of parallel bars (1.5m long) and 1 press up bar.

The Outdoor Gym is constructed using 12cm diameter quarter sawn logs for the main structural uprights. These are pressure-treated and impregnated with wax. They are also fitted with galvanised metal feet which, in turn, are concreted into the ground.

Our standard product includes a 3.0m long Monkey Bar Ladder constructed using 2 x 10cm diameter quarter sawn timbers and 60cm long stainless steel poles as the rungs. These are embedded into the timber for extra security.

It also includes 2.2m high chin up bar, 1.5m chin up bar, 1 set of parallel bars and 1 x press up bar.

All bars are smooth and easy to wipe clean.

We suggest safety surfacing around this product extending 1.5m out from all sides.

Being modular in construction – this product can be added to over time as far as space and budgets allow.

Please email sales@caledoniaplay.com for further information or call the office on 01577 840570.




Timbers 12cm ø and 10cm ø pressure-treated European Pine
Stainless steel bars 3.2cm ø and smooth and easy to wipe clean


All upright timbers 12cm ø
All stainless steel bars 3.2cm ø
Monkey Bar Ladder timbers 10cm ø
Overall footprint: 3.8m (l) x 3.0m (w)
Recommended area allocated: 5.8m x 5.0m
Pull Up Metal Poles and Parallel Bars – 1.2m long with welded ends
Press Up Metal Pole – 600mm long with welded ends
Monkey Bar Poles – 600mm long

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

Optional Accessories