Natural Play :


Natural Play

By using various elements we are able to create landscapes that are rich in form, texture and colour.

Children will love being amongst natural objects and will learn about nature without ever realising it!

Our objective is to discover and utilise natural pieces that already exist on site and give them a new purpose.

Here are a few examples:

Open Bespoke Sandpits  – by sectioning off an area of the school play ground with stone and timber we can create a sandpit to any shape to suit.

Why not add a boat to an area of sand for extra play value.

Rustic Log Stumps these large log sections can be placed in a circle or any other formation to create seating or stumps to hop on and off. Ideal for storytelling.

Naturally occuring logs used as features either on their own or with a scramble net attached on one or more sides.

Boulders can be brought on site or sourced and placed in interesting locations or formations to enhance play areas.


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