Natural Log Bench : CP-NLB(C)


Our Natural Log Bench is a stunning and large piece of timber set at ground level to create a unique and long lasting alternative to more conventional seating. We select the best samples from the following species of timber: Douglas Fir, European Larch or Scots Pine.

To make them comfortable to sit on, each bench as a planed and sanded top seat with chamfered ends.

They also have a flat bottom with 100mm hardwood block legs fitted to allow for levelling.

Use in conjunction with the Rustic Log Stump for an interesting and attractive seating area.

This product comes with FSC chain of custody certification so you can rest assured that materials and products have been
checked at every stage of processing.

Please note – a site forklift will be required to move around the site – this is not included in the delivery price.

Whilst we use the best sources of timber available to us, it is almost inevitable that cracking/splitting (known as checking) will occur weeks or months after installation. This can be especially prevalent during the hot summer months as the timber dries out.

Similarly, the bark will fall off and this is part of the charm when using natural logs.

Each Natural Log Bench is unique depending on size and species of tree so prices will vary.

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Douglas Fir, European Larch or Scots Pine


Bench 2-3m long. Optimum size 2.4m long

Diameter dimensions 300-400mm (will vary as this is a natural product)

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

Optional Accessories