Mango Orange Bonsai Cacoon : CCN 1.2 ORANGE


Our wonderful Mango Orange Bonsai Cacoon is a must for every garden. It is a unique pod that can be an optional accessory to hang from some of our larger swing frames. It’s really only suitable for our double or triple swing frames with net frames or slide frame as it requires the weight of the net or slide to counter-balance the weight of the Cacoon.

If there is no net frame or slide frame attached to the side of the swing frame to counter-balance the weight of the cacoon then we do not recommend the cacoon is suspended from the extension but rather in between the legs of the swing frame.

Easy to assemble and install our Mango Orange Bonsai Cacoon makes the perfect gift for those children who just love the idea of relaxing and enjoying a quiet space while the world and the clouds drift by.

Our Mango Orange Bonsai Cacoon has a max loading capacity of 200 kg.

Hang at any point 2.5m from the ground that has 1.5m space all round from the nearest vertical surface and please note that this product is not designed to swing back and forth. We also recommend the Cacoon is taken down when it’s not in use just to prevent it being caught by the wind.

The ultimate outdoor relaxation experience.

If you are adventurous enough you could just hang it from a large tree branch! Simply suspend it from a tree by placing the rope over the tree branch and using the carabiner to fix securely – no swing points are required.

It’s super water-repellent and comes with an easy-to-use galvanised iron carabiner with a loading capacity of 720 kg and a handy little blue storage bag to keep it all together when on the go.

The Mango Orange Bonsai Cacoon comes in a stylish box with full instructions and a carry bag so that you can carry it on your shoulders and head off to the woods, or a festival, or the beach….

Why not take it inside the house?

This product is also very suitable to be used inside taking into consideration the total weight when it is occupied and the specific limitations of the ceiling it is to be suspended from.

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Ring: Anodised aluminium 6030 & 6005

Fabric: 285 g/m2 with 35% cotton and 65% polyester

UV performance

Nylon rope hanging system


1.2 m diameter

max loading capacity 200 kg / 440 lbs

weight 4 kg

Cardboard packaging box size: 55cm x 23 cm x 12 cm

Cardboard packaging box weight: 4.5 kg

Blue storage bag size 20cm diameter x 70 cm long

Optional Accessories