MagPost – Portable : MP-0.3(E)


This version of our popular Portable MagPost for schools and nurseries weighs approximately 2.5kg and is fully portable.

It is a scientific quality magnifying lens set on top of a hardwood post and can be used anywhere. Use it in the classroom and outside allowing children to investigate and explore where they want to – and not be held back by particularly bad weather!

The Portable MagPost for schools and nurseries can be taken on school outings – take it to the beach to let the children have a really close look at all the shells and stones or take it to the park and let them examine leaves, flowers or even gravel!

This product is often bought by school PTA committees after having raised funds to spend. There is space to put a small plaque on the front of it if it has been given as a gift or to commemorate a person or event. Also available is the Large MagPost which is also available to order online.

Please order your Portable MagPost for schools and nurseries directly below – we will send you a receipted VAT invoice with your order.

Alternatively, phone the office on 01577 840570 or email with your order.


1 x Robinia timber post

5 x scientific quality magnifying lens

all screws have anti-vandal square drive head screws

suitable for nursery, primary and secondary school aged children and adults


height: 30cm

lens mount size:10 x 10cm

weight: 2.5kg

Optional Accessories