In A Spin : PAC004


Our In A Spin package is one of our fabulous Chin Up Bars with a lower Tumble Bar attached to the side of it.

The quality stainless steel cross bars have a very smooth finish and are made to last.

Set at 2.3m high the Chin Up Bar is ideal for daily exercise routines whilst spending time outdoors. The Tumble Bar can be used for stretching and other exercises or just for tumbling and playing on by the younger family members and friends.

The three robust machine-rounded 12cm diameter posts are concreted into the ground and have Bitumen sleeves fitted just below ground level which keep the cause of the ground rot out and the preservative in. This ensures that the new piece of equipment will last for many years.

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Normal Price for both products: £370.00

In A Spin Price £350.00 saving £20.00




2 x 1.2m Stainless steel bars

3 x machine-rounded 12cm diameter posts impregnated with wax

3 x bitumen post saver sleeves


1.2m stainless steel bar x 2

2 posts at 3.0m in length, minimum 700mm concreted in ground so max post height above ground is 2.3m

1 x post at 2.0m in length, minimum 600mm concreted in ground so max post height above ground is 1.4m.

Bar installed minimum of 100mm from top of pole – so max height of 1.3m for tumble bar.

Optional Accessories