Embankment Slide : RT-SSSE


Take a mound of grassy earth, create a tunnel through it and then add this excellent product – the Embankment Slide. Guaranteed fun!

The slides come in a range of lengths and widths and can be placed on naturaly occurring knolls or alternatively a mound of earth can be created just for this purpose.

Do you have your own ideas for developing your outdoor space to increase footfall and attract more visitors – why not chat it over with one of our team members. We enjoy exploring new ideas.

Take a look at our Balancing Timbers and Boulders for more inspiration.

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Stainless Steel Slide


Sizes vary - Width 500/1000 mm

Mounting Heights: 0900-1000, 1250-1500, 1750-2000, 2250-2500

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

Optional Accessories