Circular Picnic Table with 2 Back Rests : CPBB2


The Circular Picnic Table with  2 Back Rests comfortably seats up to eight people so it is ideally suited for outside dining and socializing. The benches are attached to the circular table and two of the benches have backrests for support while sitting. Some people like to have a back rest to lean against and some people don’t feel the need for it – this product has both and was developed in response to customers asking to have two back rests rather than four.

The timber is European slow-grown treated soft wood and is undercut to ensure it will not ‘bow’ in extreme weather conditions. There is a hole in the top of the table for an umbrella.

Although the timber is supplied treated we recommend applying Danish or Teak oil annually to maintain the wood.

This product comes flat-packed for convenient transportation and is easy to assemble using the instructions provided.

This product is also available with no back rests or with 4 back rests.

This Circular Picnic Table with 2 Back Rests can be placed on grass or a patio as required. It can be lifted to move it to the side to cut the grass underneath it however it is very heavy and would take more than one person to comfortably move it.



European slow-grown treated soft wood circular table with four attached benches with two back rests


table: diameter: 120cm

table height: 72cm

backrests height: 80cm from the ground

table and benches with backrests diameter 2.40m

size of bench 1.13m x 410mm

bench seat 440mm from the ground


Optional Accessories