Boulders :


Boulders can be placed in interesting locations or formations to enhance play areas.

Our boulders sourced according to the texture, colour and size required. From small to large – all will enhance outdoor spaces.

Children can use them and interact with them by climbing, sitting, leaning or by jumping from one small boulder to another.

By playing on natural boulders children are able to connect with the texture of the stone and the way it feels to touch. They will also learn that natural boulders frequently change in appearance as the colours in the stone becomes more intense when wet. They may also become more slippery when wet and this is all part of the learning process as part of outdoor play.

Where there are restriction on the play area being required to fit into the natural landscape boulders are an ideal solution and will last and require minimal maintenance.

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specifications vary


sizes vary hugely depending on the boulders required for the project

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

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