Outdoor play all year round!

Outdoor play – all year round!

With glorious summer memories slowly fading away we are thinking and looking ahead to colder days and cosy nights in. This doesn’t have to mean outdoor play needs to stop though.

We very much believe that outdoor play has so many benefits especially for younger children who are very much developing and learning new skills and encourage children to be outside whatever the time of year or whatever the weather.

Being in the fresh air rather than inside in heated or air conditioned rooms allows children and young people to escape the germs that we bring in the house are being recycled over and over again through our air vents. For children, in particular, getting outside is also essential for them to develop a strong immune system as they come into contact with bacteria in a natural setting and the more time they spend outdoors, the less likely they are to develop autoimmune disorders and allergies in the future.

Being outside in colder months helps to ensure that children and young people with their essential vitamin D. Sunlight and vitamin D having a large impact on daily mood, outdoor play in the colder months will help keep those little ones smiling!

And now to the word we’re not keen to mention this early on in the year….the ‘C’ word

We have already had a number of enquiries about our products being ordered and delivered in time for the 25th of December (still didn’t mention the C word!)

Do get in touch if you’d like to chat about suitable for gifts for your friends and family members. We don’t just cater for children! We have had many adults buy our Swing Sets and our Circular Picnic Table and Cacoons are also particularly popular with adults.*

If you have a large tree in the garden then why not arrange for us to build a Bespoke Tree House? Start planning now and you could have it in time to sit out all wrapped up with woolen hats and gloves and drink aromatic mulled wine in the winter months.

Caledonia Play ensuring outdoor play for all!

*Our products have been designed for all ages of children to use however we are happy and confident that our Swing Frames, with their 12cm diameter top poles and high quality fully through swing points, can carry a combined weight of 200kgs, so usable by the whole family. We believe that a good quality timber play set is an investment and should be enjoyed and used by children as they grow into teens and adulthood.
For the individual swing seats, maximum weights are advised by the manufactures and vary according to seat type. With the exception of the Basket Swing the maximum advised weight for our Garden Range Swing Seats is 70kgs (roughly 11 stones).