Moving and Removing

Moving house? Would you like to take your play equipment with you?

Lots of people take their play equipment with them when they move and we offer a full dismantle, transport and rebuild service. to make it nice and easy for you.

We will come to your existing location, carefully dismantle the play equipment, deliver it to the new location and then re-assemble it for you.

Larger items such as Forts, Play Houses and Castles and all products that are dug or cemented into the ground will inevitably take longer to dismantle and will often need to have parts replaced should they become damaged in the dismantling process. We are happy to do this and will endeavour to bring any replacement parts with us so that it can all be done on the same day. We will naturally ensure that the product is completely safe when it is reassembled giving you re-assurance that the little ones will be happy and safe playing outside while you settle in to your new home.

For younger children, having their play equipment in the new garden will help them to settle into their new environment as they will be able to enjoy the familiarity of the play equipment that was at their former home.

For children and young adults with additional support needs this can be particularly comforting as they transition into their new environment.

What will it cost?

Prices vary significantly depending on the equipment to be moved, the location of the properties and vehicular access at either end. We will work with you to do this at a time to suit you however when our installation teams are very busy we may not always be available on specific house moving days unless this is booked well in advance.

As a guide – a single swing frame to be moved in Central Scotland will cost in the region of £400.00. Larger and more complication pieces of play equipment that are to be moved further afield can cost in the region of £1,500.00 and upwards.

Sometimes, with our more bespoke installations, it may not be cost effective to move the play equipment.

Contact Sandy at to arrange for us to provide this service or for more detailed information on our moving services.

Alternatively, call the office on 01577 840570.

Removal Services

More and more customers are coming back to us and asking if we can remove the play equipment as their children have all grown up. (We have been at this now for 20 years!)  We like to think that our play sets can be used and reused for a long time maximising their value, but the time will always come when the garden space is wanted back or there is no longer a need for the play equipment.

We firstly will see if we can update or replenish the set. If not, some customers have moved the pieces on to new homes through local forums or privately.

If its time really has come, we know that it can be difficult to take our long timber poles in a small family car to the local recycling centre.

We can quote to come out to your home, dismantle and remove the wood and take it away. We are set up with a local company, Recycle Fife, who are licensed to take away our waste and if we are not able to reuse it, it goes to biomass. Metal components also go to a local company for reuse.

This is a service which we can only offer at the moment in central Scotland (and to be as green and efficient as possible, we ask that you give us some lead time so we can try and work in a sustainably fashion as possible and collect when we are in the area).

If, when the time has come, you are interested, call us for a quote on 01577 840 570 or email

If nothing else, it is always wonderful to hear how much fun the wooden play sets have been for families.

Please note: these services are for domestic, garden play customers only.


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