Product Care

Garden Play equipment product care. All our timber frames and towers have been pressure treated and impregnated with wax to protect against the seasons, so there should be no requirement to further treat the wood.

Wood ages and naturally turns grey in colour. If you wish to ‘refresh’ the wood simply rub down and apply Danish or Teak Oil. If surface dirt or algae builds up wash down with soapy water or pressure wash the frames and towers.

Your play equipment will hopefully get a lot of use. Although we source high quality products we recommend that you regularly check your equipment, paying particular attention to fixings, swing ropes and pivot points, tightening any if necessary.

We would also suggest checking swing seats for signs of damage, particularly after the winter.

Play equipment should also be regularly checked for splinters and sanded down when necessary.  For more information on product care for your garden play equipment please email or call the office on 01577 840570 and we will do our best to help you.

Extreme weather conditions

We recommend that swing seats are tied up to prevent them hitting the swing frames in extreme weather conditions that include high winds.

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Our wooden play equipment for the garden comes in all shapes and sizes and we therefore recommend that if you require any specific information about taking care and using your play equipment then do get in touch.

Splits and cracks

Cracks and splits will occur in timber as it expands and contracts with humidity and temperature changes. They will occur particularly in the round pole timbers, but also in square cut timber and they are in new sets as well as old.

The key fact is that we use round timbers for our play equipment equipment. Most people are used to working with square timbers. Round timbers – due to the nature of their structure are more prone to splits and cracks so that when people see the cracks they become concerned as they are not used to seeing this happen.

Whilst these can appear quite large and alarming, these cracks DO NOT affect the strength, integrity and durability of the playsets. The splits and cracks happen because timber is a natural product and is a living material, and through the year the wood expands and contracts, often meaning quite large cracks appear in hot, dry weather, and then close up in the wetter, winter months.

Pictures of splits and cracks that may appear can be seen in this news article.

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