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We’ve missed seeing you at the shows!

A big highlight of our summers for the past 20 years has been exhibiting at a variety of shows across the country. Sadly due to the restrictions imposed with Covid 19 these events have had to be cancelled this year, but we are looking forward to being back at them in 2021.

To see the full list of shows that we would have attended and hope to attend in 2021 please look at our shows page.

We’re here to take your orders!

We’re back to full operations and getting orders out to you. Please allow for a 2 week lead time for the delivery of online orders and a bit longer for towers and larger units. Installations, if required, will take place 3-4 weeks after your order has been placed. All our products are suitable for self-assembly and are supplied with full instructions.

Please understand we will do our best to deliver sooner if at all possible.

Please contact the office on 01577 840570 or email info@caledoniaplay.com to find out if, or when we are able to send out a product that you may be interested in.

See our Monkey Bar in action!


Don’t forget our products are modular..

DFX Double swing frame with extension

If you start off with a Double Swing Frame with Extension DFX (basically that’s the top pole extended out at one end so you can add on an extra swing seat with a single swing point)

Then, as the years pass you could add a Slide Frame SSF onto it.

The combinations really are endless!

If you’d like to chat through what you could get in the space you have (and the budget available) then do give us a call on 01577 840570.

Thank you Peacefit for sharing!


Why choose us?


There are plenty of other companies out there supplying play equipment so why choose Caledonia Play?

There are plenty of good reasons.

The timbers we use are round timber poles rather than square timbers which most other play equipment companies use. This means that the structure is stronger, considerably heavier and much more robust.

Triple Swing Frame with Extension Garden Play Swing Frames product listing gallery image TFX

We also believe they look stunning in a natural setting and don’t look as though they will topple over easily with rigorous swinging rather than the square timbers which somehow just don’t look as good or robust – but we will leave that for you to decide.

We also have a background in the timber industry and know all about how to use timber to create fabulous, strong, long lasting pieces of play equipment for your garden. We are flexible in our approach and are always happy to adapt or combine our swing sets, slides and play towers to suit your needs – just ask! If it’s not possible we will let you know and then try and work out another solution that you’ll be delighted with. Why not join a couple of play towers together with a bridge or add a nice tumble bar onto the end of a fort or play house..

garden play DFNX

Finally – Caledonia Play have been creating and installing quality play equipment for nearly twenty years and our knowledge base has grown considerably over that time. The equipment we installed  at our previous yard in the early years is still standing – a testament that these products really do last!

The images in our Garden Play Range are of products that we have installed – all real gardens, real play areas and really happy children!

Our range of products has been developed to encourage children outside all year round

We very much believe that outdoor play has so many benefits especially for younger children who are very much developing and learning new skills and encourage children to be outside whatever the time of year or whatever the weather.

Browse our entire range here.

Being in the fresh air rather than inside in heated or air conditioned rooms allows children and young people to escape the germs that we bring in the house are being recycled over and over again through our air vents. For children, in particular, getting outside is also essential for them to develop a strong immune system as they come into contact with bacteria in a natural setting and the more time they spend outdoors, the less likely they are to develop autoimmune disorders and allergies in the future. Let them fill their lungs with good clean outdoor air and feel all the better for it!

Garden Play adapted combinations product listing image

Being outside in colder months helps to ensure that children and young people with their essential vitamin D. Sunlight and vitamin D having a large impact on daily mood, outdoor play in the colder months will help keep those little ones smiling! If the kids are out in winter – keep little heads and hands warm with a hat and gloves and they’ll not even realise how cold it is. They’ll be having too much fun hiding in the bushes. And remember – outdoor play is for all ages – not just children!*

Take a look at our Cacoons!

Orange Bonsai Cacoon Cacoon Bonsai Garden Play

Many of our products appeal to adults as well as children and this one is no exception. Our Mango Orange Bonsai Cacoon is a must for every garden. It is a unique pod that can be suspended in a variety of places including our swing frames or simply hang it from a large tree branch!

Easy to assemble and install our Mango Orange Bonsai Cacoon makes the perfect gift for those children who just loves the idea of relaxing and enjoying a quiet space while the world and the clouds drift by.

(The Single and Double Cacoons are suitable for adult use and have not yet been tested on our swing frames but it are perfect to suspend from a lovely large tree!)

Other colours are available – please ask.

Our Range of wooden play equipment for the garden is complemented by a selection of slides and swing attachments that allow the products to suit all ages and abilities.

The well proven designs create robust and durable play systems, ensuring long life to suit a growing and adventurous family. Utilising the natural beauty and character of solid wood Caledonia Play our range of structures blend into all sizes and types of gardens.

The modular design of the Caledonia Play structures, with optional add-on products and interchangeable swing accessories will ensure years of use. Special safety features are incorporated into the designs and all products utilising the highest quality of fixtures and fittings, retaining the natural beauty of the timber whilst complying with European Safety Standard BSEN-71.

Special Safety Features

All products supplied by Caledonia Play conform to European Safety Standard EN71 and can carry the CE mark. The following safety features are incorporated in our products:

  • All swing ropes are 12mm thick.
  • Swing frames are tested up to 200kg.
  • All the swing pivot points are closed, with a D shackle and a locking nut.
  • Swing pivot points are bolted though the swing bar with double locking nuts.
  • All metal fixings are recessed into the timber.
  • ‘A’ frame support legs are machined timber to 100mm in diameter.
  • Top swing bars are machined timber to 125mm in diameter
  • ‘A’ frame supports can be adjusted to suit uneven ground.
  • All ladders and climbing frames have safety bushes between the rungs and stringers to prevent clothing being caught.
  • Ladder steps are 225mm apart to prevent children being caught in a fall.
  • Diagonal braces have 4 fixing bolts – restricting movement of the swing frames.
  • All fixing bolts are either 13mm or 17mm to gain strength and rigidity.
  • All timbers follow EC regulations regarding positioning and spacing to prevent body parts from getting stuck in constructions so are positioned greater than 20mm apart but not greater than 100mm. This prevents trap points for fingers but restricts heads.

We recommend that you leave a minimum clear area of 1.5m around the equipment with 2.0m clearance behind swings. Equipment should not be placed on a hard surface such as patio slabs or decking. Grass Safety Mats can be placed under the equipment to prevent ground erosion under the swings and areas of heavy footfall. The Grass Safety Mats are designed to allow the grass to grow through them. The grass can be cut as normal over the top. Children trip and fall all the time – it is part of learning and growing up – however it’s nice to know that some of the falls that might have led to a more serious injury might just end up being a bump or a bruise and the child can carry on playing.

We are able to extend the legs into the ground on some of the products to minimise any movement while the product is being played on. This is not a necessity however there are some children who are particularly sensitive to any movement when swinging. In such instances this option is ideal.

Call 01577 840570 to speak to any of our sales team. They will be happy to provide more information on our range of wooden play equipment for the garden.

Product Warranty

All swing frames and climbing frames are sold with a one year warranty. There is also a one year guarantee against manufacturing faults. For the timbers used to construct our frames and towers there is an extended warranty of seven years against rotting and damage by insects.

Our swing seats, and other accessories that we do not make ourselves, come with their own manufacturer’s two year guarantee.

Proof of purchase must be provided by you.

Please see our on-line Terms and Conditions for full details and further Legal Notices for more information.

Concerned about Splits and Cracks? Read some helpful information here.

Installation and delivery

We offer assembly of our Caledonia Play products in many areas of the UK.

The cost of this service will vary on location and product and is in addition to delivery cost.

We take a 30% deposit on all orders that are to be installed and we take the rest of the payment after installation has been successfully completed.

For more installation and assembly information here.

Need to change your swing seats? Have a look here for more information.

Top Tips

For a list of our Top Tips for choosing play equipment for the garden follow this link.

For helpful information on choosing swing seats for your swing sets click here.

See us at a show

We normally attend many shows across the country and our Shows Page lists all the shows that we attend. 2020 was a little different due to travel restrictions and social distancing and all our shows were cancelled. Fingers crossed that 2020 sees things back normal, as far as our show circuit is concerned, and we will perhaps get a chance to meet you in person.

Let us help you!

If you would like help with selecting the most suitable products from our range of wooden play equipment for the garden please email info@caledoniaplay.com.

Our garden play brochure and price list are available to view online.

*Our products have been designed for all ages of children to use however we are happy and confident that our Swing Frames, with their 12cm diameter top poles and high quality fully through swing points, can carry a combined weight of 200kgs, so usable by the whole family. We believe that a good quality timber play set is an investment and should be enjoyed and used by children as they grow into teens and adulthood.
For the individual swing seats, maximum weights are advised by the manufactures and vary according to seat type. With the exception of the Basket Swing the maximum advised weight for our Garden Range Swing Seats is 70kgs (roughly 11 stones).
garden play product listing image v timber bridge add on VBR