Outdoor Play Solutions for schools

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We offer Outdoor play solutions for schools in the following areas:

Primary and secondary schools

School nurseries

Private nurseries

Child care provision

Residential schools

Outdoor education centres

Let us create the perfect outdoor space for you. Take a look at this case study as an example of what we can do for you. You might find our gallery useful to see images of installations we have done over the last few years.

We pride ourselves in offering a responsive approach – teachers approach us with suggestions of outdoor play products they would like and if our range of standard products does not satisfy what they are looking for then we offer a tailor-made solution.

Examples of this are the Car, Plane, and the Imaginative Play Zone.

Contact sales@caledoniaplay.com if you’d like to organise a visit to your school.

Our Agility Cube is a unique combination of four different traversing agility trail items linked together to form a square. It’s particularly suitable where space is limited and can go in the playground on rubber surfacing or in the playing fields on grass.

Agility Cube

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Our Range

Our range of wooden play equipment for schools enhances the outdoor play provision and also offers excellent opportunities to encourage outdoor learning. As a company that originated by building domestic play equipment, we are constantly expanding our range of products in new and innovative ways.

We have supplied play equipment to over 1000 educational establishments making us one of the leading timber outdoor play equipment specialists in Scotland.

We have a thorough understanding of the procedures required to install play equipment for this sector and work alongside the various organisations to make it all happen smoothly.

We recognise the importance of encouraging physical activity in children of all ages at various points throughout the school day. This can be in addition to walking or cycling to and from school. Learning in, through and about physical activity is enhanced by providing in a wide range of items of outdoor play equipment which can be used for outdoor pursuits at break times, lunchtimes, and outwith the school day.

Established patterns of daily outdoor physical activity at an early age are likely to lead to an enthusiasm for sustained physical activity in adult life.

If you would like a member of our sales team to come out and do a site visit please contact sales@caledoniaplay.com.

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