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Strathconon Estate, Scottish Highlands

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Log Maze Climber
This is a combination of machine-rounded poles that are secured in a seemingly random manner with interlinking nets and ropes making a different type of climbing unit. It offers a physical challenge to older children but is also suitable for younger children. Each of the vertical poles that are secured into the ground have a heat sealed bitumen sleeve fitted at ground level restricting moisture effecting the timber and delaying rot.

Double Activity Tower
This comes with a Slide, Steps, Rope Bridge, Cargo Net and Climbing Wall. A roof over one of the towers offers shelter in poorer weather conditions and the children can also access small dens under the platforms of each of the two towers.

Designed to suit children aged 5 to 14, our double towers offers a whole range of play activities with the access steps and slide being on one tower. This allows the less able children to opportunity to access and exit the equipment without the need to traverse the net bridge or use the climbing wall or cargo net.
Constructed from robust treated timbers with stainless steel fixings the tower units are based on two 1.24 x 1.24m square towers with a platform height of 1.5m. The large green high-density polyethylene slide is UV protected making it much likely to fade over time.
A Barrel Tunnel under the Net Rope Bridge offers an alternative transition point between the two towers at a lower level.

Family Basket Swing
This has a timber frame constructed with 10cm diameter machine-rounded legs that are fitted with heat-sealed bitumen sleeves and extend into the ground. The legs support a top swing beam of 14cm diameter. The all black 1.2m basket swing is supported by cast stainless universal swing joints with washer plates and safety chains. The basket is designed to carry up to a tonne and is certificated for people with additional support needs.

Agility Area
This comprises of a series of Stepping Logs and Balance Beams set in such a way that they can be traversed from one end to the other offering a challenge to children of all ages. Set in a semi-circular symmetrical formation, the product offers the opportunity to have a race starting at each end and aiming to get to the centre first.
The Agility Area also acts as an outdoor meeting space particularly for older children and teenagers.

Somersault Bars
These are a set of three interconnected horizontal stainless steel bars of different heights. Constructed from 12cm round timbers with galvanised steel feet attached it is concreted into the ground.
The upright poles are made from quarter-sawn timber which has been pressure-treated and impregnated with wax. The timbers have a smooth, sanded and natural finish.

Safety Surfacing
Grass Safety Mats were placed under and around key areas around all the play equipment. The grass grows through the mats so that they are no longer visible but are still minimising the risk of injury and preventing ground erosion at key areas around the equipment.

At Caledonia Play we have a registered and certificated RPII inspector as part of our team who is able to carry out maintenance checks after installation to ensure it is all completely safe and complies with British and European safety standard BS EN1176.

Services provided by client
Access to water supply.
Clear access and parking for the delivery vehicles.
Access into the area at any point in the working day.

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Strathconon Estate is located North West of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. Comprising of 82,800 acres – from open country to narrow mountainous landscape including a large proportion of high ground over 1000 feet, with hills, in places, more than 3000 feet above sea level.
Strathconon Estate’s main activity is to revive, restore and protect the native fauna and to improve living conditions for native species in the area in cooperation with the national authorities. They aim to do everything in respect and with enhancement of the Scottish native nature. Besides nature conservation, the estate manages and lets a portfolio of properties.

Our involvement with the Strathconon Estate was in order to design, build and install an outdoor play area that would be in-keeping with the stunning and natural surroundings.

The objective of the play area was to occupy a number of children simultaneously, offering various elements of balance and agility with climbing in turn helping the children’s gross motor skills and coordination.
It was decided that rather than expanding the tower unit, it would be better to add separate items into site. This spreads out the children between the items and offers more movement and play value as they go from one item to another.


  • Double Tower Unit
    Double Tower Unit
  • Double Tower Unit
    Double Tower Unit
  • Log Maze Climber
    Log Maze Climber
  • Somersault Bars
    Somersault Bars
  • Log Maze Climber, Nursery Circle and Double Tower Unit
    Log Maze Climber, Nursery Circle and Double Tower Unit
  • Children enjoying the Basket Swing
    Children enjoying the Basket Swing