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EN1176 Staff Training Day

The employees at Caledonia Play attended a 1 day safety standards course. The British and European Standard for playground equipment and surfacing is BS EN 1176 which is the level required for all new equipment.

Facilitated by Mike Langford Safety Services, all aspects of the EN1176 safety standard were explained in great detail with lots of discussion about various scenarios and practical implications when putting the theory into practice.

With a continuing in-depth knowledge of the required safety standard, we are able to use this information across all departments at Caledonia Play. It ensures the design and sales team are providing the most up-to-date information about the safety of proposed play areas. Meanwhile, the installation team are fully equipped to spot and investigate any safety issues on all pieces of equipment, regardless who supplied and installed them, as they visit outdoor play spaces across the UK.

The theory was put into practice by analysing play towers and other pieces of equipment in the workshop at the end of the day.