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Our product in a lovely rural setting

Our outdoor play equipment fits well into every environment, however it does look particularly stunning in a rural setting.

Being able to really work out and increase fitness also enhances your mental wellbeing, and when this all happens in a beautiful outdoor location rather than an indoor gym or garage, the benefits will speak for themselves.

The Outdoor Gym has been designed to offer a complete workout amidst the growing trend of outdoor fitness pursuits.

It is constructed using 12cm diameter single round logs for the main structural uprights. These are pressure-treated and impregnated with wax. They are also fitted with heat-sealed bitumen sleeves fitted at ground level restricting moisture affecting the timber and delaying rot meaning that they will last for many years to come.

All bars are smooth and easy to wipe clean which is now particularly important.

More product information is available here.

If you would like one of these outdoor gyms contact the office on 01577 840570 and we will be able to advise on on the best configuration to suit your needs.