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Take a look at our new single tower!

This new and more challenging single tower is now part of our product range at Caledonia Play. We have been building and installing wooden play towers for many years supplying school and commercial organisations ranging from glamorous country hotels to diversified farms and council play parks.

However, we have recently developed our Caledonia Play Single Tower a little further to make it more challenging and even more fun. By removing the standard steps and replacing them with an alternative option the tower becomes more of a challenge to access. The exit point – which is a slide is just the same as before – super fast and zippy meaning that they reach ground level quickly and want climb up to do it all over again!

An extra bonus is that the cost of this single tower is less than the standard single tower due to the fact that it does not have a complete set of access steps. The Jungle Log Ladder is a notched 14cm diameter timber set at just the perfect angle to access the platform. Children can use the handrail for extra support or try and do it without – an extra challenge!

Our robust Cargo Net is another option when choosing access options. The third method of accessing the tower can be via the Rock Climbing Wall which is constructed from a timber frame and tough dark brown slip-resistant birch plywood boards with large wire mesh pattern.

The specially designed coloured rock climbing holds are suitable for both hands and feet to use. Excellent for developing upper and lower body strength and coordination.

Quality is assured!

We use quarter sawn machine rounded pressure-treated timbers with a lovely sanded finish. All wood is supplied from sustainable managed woodlands, and after careful selection the timber is machined to shape, then pressure treated and waxed, ensuring a long and durable life. We use the highest quality fixtures and fittings.

All rope components are constructed with herculean rope – diameter and colours vary to suit the use.

Contact our sales team on 01577 840570 for more information. Where appropriate we are happy to come out and advise on creating an outdoor play area for your business. This can depend on where our sales team are at the various times of the year and where your organisation is based. If you would like a site visit then please contact to arrange a suitable day and time. If a visit cannot be arranged then we can work with photographs of your play area and measurements of the total area available.