WILDHOOD festival news banner image

Introducing the new Wildhood Festival

Do you have children under the age of twelve? Do you (and they) love the outdoors? Then the new WILDHOOD Festival is a must!

WILDHOOD is a weekend of excitement and adventure celebrating nature, games, folklore, history, outdoors, traditional arts & crafts, dance and music – in a fairytale setting.

It is set in the beautiful Tullibole Castle grounds and there is the option to camp or just visit for the day.

So if you’re into mask building, floral crown making, tail making, scavenger hunting, juggling, dancing, storytelling, festival flag making, reading, poetry and more then juggling, dancing,  puppetry, campfire cooking, singing, pony riding, unicorn riding, sewing, survival science, yoga, leaf rubbing, graffiti, samba, firelighting, stone carving, improvisation, baby massage, boat building, and sketching then WILDHOOD is for you!

We are delighted to be involved by supplying a selection of play equipment including our MagPosts, a fabulous Garden Play Castle and one of our ever popular Family basket Swings.

Tullibole Castle is a 17th Century castle with beautiful grounds, incredible woodland, a moat, a 9th Century Medieval church, a magical maze and is steeped in family history and lots of lots of romantic tales and folklore.

And seeing as they are Caledonia Play’s next door neighbours we might just take a peek over the fence and say hello!