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Take your child to work day 2018

We’re delighted to have had a visit from Órán, Sandy’s youngest as part of the TYCTWD 2018 (take your child to work day) initiative. Órán helped with all sorts of duties from sorting brochures and price lists, helping with packing and labeling timber poles and going out to deliver some items for installation. He also helped care for the environment by leaving some mealworms out in strategic places for our little resident robins to find. (They have built a beautiful little nest and are currently sitting on about four eggs so we will let you know of any news there in a few weeks time!)


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Caledonia Play has fully supported Take Your Child To Work Day for a number of years. We value the experience gained by the child in witnessing first-hand what their parents do when they go off to work in the morning. By showing them what their parents do they can see that with hard work and determination, they can do it too!