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Outdoor fun whatever the weather!

Outdoor fun whatever the weather! We enjoy following many of the schools and nurseries that we have worked with on social media and seeing pictures of our play equipment being used. Even with all the heavy snow we’re had recently there is one nursery in Edinburgh that has enjoyed getting the little ones outside whatever the weather.

Here are some pictures of their Twitter feed images that we’ve been enjoying recently. The little ones are playing on our Clatter bridge and our Wobble step bridge.

The Wobble Step Bridge is a series of wobbling logs suspended along a robust timber frame. This bridge is one of the most sophisticated devices for developing children’s motor skills and abilities.

The Timber Clatter Bridge is slightly easier to use and can be used as a playground feature or as part of a larger activity trail as part of the outdoor play provision. Large timber boards are suspended by chains from large 12cm diameter poles. The children enjoy walking across the bridge and have the handrails for support if required. The boards are flattter and closer together on the Clatter Bridge than they are on the Wobble Step Bridge.

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